Student Symposium

Student Symposium on Community Engagement

Each year, Partners in Campus and Community Engagement invites students and their mentors (faculty, staff and/or community partners) to present their collaborative work to build a better Spokane at the Student Symposium on Community Engagement.  The event convenes students and their mentors to present poster describing their work and detailing its impact on our community. Our celebration will highlight the impact of community-based learning on both students and Spokane-area partners.

Students are welcome to submit applications to present at this year's student symposium. Students interested in doing so should read the requirements below and fill out the form towards the bottom of this page.

What you need to know to present

Any students engaged in regional community-based work may present at the Poster Session.  We ask that your poster include all the following elements:

  • Names and affiliations of student(s) and mentor(s)
    • Remember that this presentation will showcase the collaboration of campus and community partners.  As such, you should have the support of a mentor in your work, such as a faculty member or a community partner. Be prepared to provide the name and contact information of the mentor online and notify the mentor to be present at the poster session with you.
  • An explanation of the work completed in the community
    • Explain what you did in the community, the issue that you addressed, who your partners were, what systems were in place to facilitate your work, or any new systems that you helped to create.
  • An explanation of the purpose and significance of the campus/community work
  • Be sure to identify the issue area that your work in the community has addressed and how your own understanding and your community partner’s understanding of the issue, its context, root causes, etc., may have transformed during the collaboration.
  • A demonstration of outcomes (for all partners), such as displays of community collaboration, learning and reflection, or impacts of the work. Your poster must clearly demonstrate the benefits of your partnership to both the community and the student.
  • Consider , for instance, what you have learned about community assets or community needs; how the project developed your skills in preparation for your career; how the community-based work connected to classroom learning; how the community partners met their goals or transformed their practice through collaboration with you.

Important details: Tables for self-standing posters will be provided. Posters should be largely graphic with photos of the partnership, graphs of work performed or large text with explanations of the project. Please make the font large enough to read from several feet away. In addition, presenters may choose to develop electronic posters which may be presented on a laptop (as a scrolling PowerPoint, Prezi, or single slide).   Wifi and a power source will be available, on request.

Set up will begin one hour before the event starts. Please plan to stay with your poster to answer questions during the event.

Want to sign up? Please complete the online registration form below.

Poster descriptions are due online by 12 AM on Wednesday, 15 March 2017.  You will receive an email confirming that you will present at the poster session by Monday, 27 March 2017.

Participants in the poster session will be contacted with reminders of the event by Ross Brooke Watts, Director of the Dornsife Center for Community Engagement, Whitworth University, .

For questions, contact Ross Brooke Watts at .


Poster presentation sign-ups are closed for the 2016-2017 academic year.