PICCE Intake Form

New PICCE Intake Form

PICCE Intake Form

Please take your time to fill out this information as accurately as possible. It's a long form but it helps us to get a better of who your organization is and what you're about. Once you've completed the form a member of PICCE will reach out to your organization!

Organization Address

What is the job title of the primary point of contact?

e.g. age requirement, background check, application, Covid restrictions, food handlers permits etc.
What is your organization's tax classification?
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e.g. service opportunities, projects, research, etc.
Please select all of the different types of supports that your organization could utilize.

Timeline,l frequency, and the required length of training.

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Does the agency require background checks?
Who pays for the background check?
What types of background checks are required?

From the following list, please note if you have the following features at your service site by checking all that apply:
(responses to these questions will not automatically qualify or disqualify you from partnership)

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