Campus-Community Partnerships

Bringing Together Community Agencies and Institutions of Higher Education

Partners in Campus and Community Engagement (PICCE) builds partnerships between community agencies and institutions of higher education to meet the critical needs of our region while enhancing the personal and civic development of college students. Below is a framework for varying levels of partnerships, outlining both the benefits and responsibilities for community agencies seeking a partnership with an educational institution. The benefits and requirements listed below are considered guidelines; each educational institution will have modifications to their unique partnership arrangements.


Designed for community agencies seeking college student volunteers.


List service opportunities on institutions' websites

Invitation to Service Fairs


501(c)3, governmental or educational institution

Liability Insurance that covers volunteers

Fill out partnership intake form

*There are some exceptions to these requirements


Designed for community agencies seeking service-learning students, student clubs and greater support from the institution.


All Affiliate benefits

Service-learning course listings

Assistance with keeping website profiles up to date

Invitation to Community Engagement Institute

Can partner with student clubs


All Affiliate requirements

Risk Management Review

Volunteer Coordinator participates in trainings

Record student service hours and complete surveys

Sign Partnership Agreement

Host day of service, if requested

Provide student reflection opportunties

Strategic Partner

Designed for community agencies seeking consistent and in-depth partnership with staff, faculty and students.


All Co-Educator benefits

Access to work-studies, student leaders and/or student interns

Full listing on PICCE website

Community-based research and philanthropy opportunities


All Co-Educator requirements

Volunteer Coordinator completes in-depth training

Assist with faculty training and development

Sit on PICCE and/or institution advisory boards