Learning Together Spokane

PICCE introduces Learning Together Spokane (LTS). LTS is a public, virtual learning environment, bringing Spokane professionals alongside college and university students for shared, weekly reflection. Though we may no longer be serving side-by-side, we can still learn from each other and create knowledge together.

How it works: twice each week, PICCE shares a short reflection prompt with campus and community participants by email. Each reflection prompt links you to a Google doc where you can add your own reflection and read the insights of others in our community, working to build a better Spokane.

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  • Community partners: reflection gives you an opportunity to step away from your busy schedule and make meaning of your work, your community and your commitments. Think of it like professional journaling.
  • Students: Your participation connects you to a community of learners and practitioners making a difference in our region. Helping you to reflect on issues in our community and creating links between the real world and your course work.
  • Faculty: LTS offers a virtual environment in which your students can interact with non-profit and public service professionals in our community. Your students will contribute their own reflections and have access to the insights of professionals across a variety of public serving disciplines.

PICCE members from regional campuses like Gonzaga University, Eastern Washington University, WSU Health Sciences Spokane, and Whitworth University have curated these weekly reflections so that engaged learning can continue for students affected by COVID-19. PICCE members from regional non-profits such as Catholic Charities, the Arc of Spokane, and Providence Health Care have agreed to participate for the academic year, enriching their own working through sustained reflection and sharing their knowledge with students in our region.

And if you're having problems with the emails or are just really excited to jump into some reflection you can get started with the links below!


Learning Together Archives found here:

Learning Together Spokane could not have been created without the ground-laying work of the Community Engagement Fellows of Bellingham, Washington. https://www.cefellows.org/coalition