EWU Office of Community Engagement

The OCE connects the campus to the wider community through meaningful, reciprocal partnerships in order to enrich student learning, address critical community need, and foster a culture of civic responsibility and community engagement.


GU Center for Community Action & Service-Learning

CCASL seeks to develop students with an ethic of service and a life long thirst for social justice.


SFCC Career & Community Engagement Center

While at SFCC, students are encouraged to become involved with the greater Spokane community through civic engagement and volunteering activities. Campus clubs also include volunteering as one of their core values.


WSU Health Office of Community Engagement & Service Learning

The Office of Community Engagement & Service-Learning cultivates the partnerships between students, staff, and faculty with the larger community to support service-learning, service-projects, and community development initiatives, allowing for a mutually-integrated campus-community partnership.


WU Dornsife Center for Community Engagement

The DCCE brings together students, faculty, staff, and community partners in strategic service that strengthens communities while enriching educational programs, equipping students in both mind and heart to honor God, follow Christ, and serve humanity.